Stylish Purses, Handbags and Shoulder Bags at GREAT Prices!

Janice Chow

My site is dedicated to all women who want to be stylish, have nice clothes and a great selection of purses and handbags.  Janice is a collection of styles for ladies in all price ranges.   We have designer  handbags from Coach, Guess, Hamilton,  Hello Kitty,  Haan, Hampton,  Hobo,  Jacobs,  Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and lots more.

So is a new handbag really going to make a difference?  Surely you don't need to ask.  Style is the difference between you looking like just another frumpy lady or someone who has style and knows how to dress.

Your handbag can either be a color match or it can be a contrasting color that makes the ensemble all pull together.

Of course, you DON’T want it to be a giant color clash that makes you stand out.   Of course, when in doubt you always have the basic black or brown hand bag.  These can be used with almost any outfit.  Myself, I still believe that color coordination most of the time is SOOOO much better than just relying on the basic brown or black handbag .

Blonde with Red PurseBut trust me you WILL still want to have  black and brown handbags.  They DO fill out the wardrobe and are a good choice for every day use.

Showing "him" that you have style is essential on that special evening out.  You might want a “flashier” handbag to make your outfit sparkle.  Colors and contrast are all important here.

Think about this for a second.  If you spend money on a special dress or blouse, why wouldn’t you finish off that outfit with a knockout purse?

Make *HIM* remember you on this special occasion.

One trick I always recommend is to make your purse match either your shoes, your belt or make all three match.  It is like finish trim to give your ensemble that polished look that says “I know what I’m doing”.

Part of the problem is the vast array of styles and colors.  Frankly each have their place.  Nothing ruins the look of a cute little skirt than a giant shoulder purse big enough to put a laptop in it.

Purses, Handbags and Shoulder BagsOn the other hand, if you are going to the mall with 2 kids you may need the full size purse to carry all the necessities.

Sure it costs more to have a variety of colors and styles available in your closet.  But it is an investment.  With a variety of purses you don’t wear them out very fast.  So you will have those extra colors and styles for years to come.

Don't forget...”You are worth it!”

One more thing to keep in mind is the handbag material.  Leather is great.  No question it is the time honored classic for a reason.  It is virtually bullet proof.  It wears well and has been around and will BE around for years.  Unfortunately, unless it has been sprayed with a waterproof solution it does not take water very well.  That is, of course,  if it is a natural leather purse and not a vinyl of some kind.  Some of the higher gloss handbags tend to shed water better.  But of course, the plan is to keep your handbag dry anyway.  Purses made with synthetic materials handle water MUCH better, but some think they have a poor feel to them and look cheap.  But between us girls, sometimes they are just fine and also keep costs down.  You will have to decide for yourself if you are comfortable with these lower cost materials.   And don't forget a lot of the bright colors are often only available as synthetic materials.  So that is just what you get.  I prefer leather, but don't ALWAYS have to have it.

Now here's what I would like you to do.  Take a look around at my website for the perfect clutch, handbag, purse, shoulder bag or whatever to suit your style and price range.  But keep an eye out for all the great bargains too.  This is your chance to have a look that says you are put together properly.  Take advantage of it and show your style.  All your friends will wonder how you always look great.  Our little secret will be that you spent some time putting together your look and "they" just brought along what they had.  Too bad!

Pretty soon they will be asking where you found your purse. You can play coy for awhile and then tell them about Janice and they will thank you for it.